The purpose of this fundraiser is to make up the difference of the shortfall we had in the Spring Sharathon.

You can make a one-time donation or pay your pledge in payments. You have until March 2013 to fulfill your pledge.


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If you experience an error message please call in your pledge at 386 756-9094. This is the Pledge only form.

Hi, I’m Bill Powell, President of Cornerstone Broadcasting. September is the time of year to make up any shortfall we may have had during our annual Sharathon in March. We were short $60,000. We scrimped and found a few ways to save so we are asking for $50,000. We are calling it Make-up-a-thon. Let me give you a few things to consider. We are listener supported. We operate on a real budget. We do not build in a large cushion. These are real numbers and real needs. It is not our intent to expect those of you who have given in March to give again, unless you can spare a little more. For all who gave in March, we thank you and may the Lord richly bless you. If you’re new or weren’t able to give in March, we really need you to consider a donation. No gift is too small and no gift is too large.

            We realize the economy is not doing well. If it was, we probably would have made our goal and this conversation would not be happening. This is the Lord’s Ministry and all who take part in it are the stewards of it. We don’t have large corporate sponsors or rich benefactors. If you are one of these and would like to become a partner, please call me so we can talk. Remember, we can help you convert valuable items you may have to cash that can then be used to do the Lord’s work. It’s also a tax deduction for you.

One of The Cornerstone’s directors is a Christian financial planner and can assist you. Many are not aware that you can set up your estate so you can fulfill your family goals and help finance God’s work also. It is my greatest desire that every listener gives for the sake of the lost in our community. Where are they going to find out about God’s grace and forgiveness? The information this ministry provides is Biblical. It’s life changing, and it’s vital. There is a war going on to try and silence Christianity in our communities and we cannot let that happen. We must continue to proclaim the truth of God’s word. We live in a mission field right here in our own back yard.

We have been blessed with this facility, and all who have been involved with its efforts have been faithful. It cannot continue without your help. If you or your church would like to add us to your mission budget, we would be grateful. Beginning September 17th we are going to continue regular programming, but in between programs and music we will call on our listeners to help us make up our shortfall. Will you also pray for us that we can continue to point people to the real solution for the problems facing our world and that is Christ Jesus?