Edie Schmidt

- Production / Traffic

 Manager/Afternoon Host


It all started with a prayer. It was, in fact, my daily prayer. My heart's desire was to be a stay-at-home mom but for whatever reason that was not to be. So as I watched the years slip by I began to amend my prayer, "Lord, if you won't grant me the ability to be a full-time Mom, will you at least let me work in one of your ministries?" I prayed that prayer for about five years. I had no specific ministry or type of ministry work in mind. With my Kentucky accent, I certainly never entertained the notion of working in broadcasting. One day I was driving down the road (listening to Cornerstone on the radio) when I heard an announcement for a job opening at the studios. "That's MY job!" I said aloud with absolute certainty. I made a u-turn right then and there and headed to the radio station. As I drove, I thanked God for my new job. Strangely, the fine folks at The Cornerstone did not know it was my job. However, after a few months of negotiations and a change or two of employees they came around. The rest, as they say, is history.

Sometimes it's hard to believe I am experiencing my second decade at Cornerstone Broadcasting. Together my co-laborers and I have shared life's ups and downs. We have offered up many prayers for the ministry, for others and for one another. We firmly believe The Cornerstone family of radio stations is God's ministry. We do the work. He brings the harvest in the hearts of listeners. If you have found a home on the dial with us or through one of our apps or online streaming, we pray you will be blessed by the music and teaching programs. I'd love to hear from you. Feel welcome to write me at edie@wjlu.org.

May our great God bless you!